Wiikey 一代 韌體更新檔 v1.99 BETA Update(支援超瑪直讀與正確3X)  

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Wiikey 1 update v1.99 BETA available!


A beta release for the original Wiikey 1 modchip is now available in the members area. This update fixes the 3X DVD issue and adds NSMB BCA support. Please be sure to read the readme.txt file contained within the archive and please send feedback to us about how well it works so that we can hurry and make the final release available.

As a Wiikey 1 user, you can now confidently brag to your friends by saying that you own the single longest-supported Wii modchip in the world! Released back in 2007, the original Wiikey 1 modchip is still receiving updates and is fully compatible with the latest copy protection systems. All other Wii modchips from the same era have died and been forgotten, but Wiikey 1 lives on! Thank you for your support in making this happen.



zip[1].gifwiikey 1.99 beta下載

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