Priiloader 0.5 正式版是preloader 0.30修改版,preloader是一个在系统菜单之前运行的一个程序,可以在机器变成banenrbrick,激活此程序,進行系统修复。
Priiloader是preloader的修改版,作者是 DacoTaco & Phpgeek兩位大神,目的是盡量的使功能安全和没有bug。


  • 增加自动引导Bootmii IOS 模式
  • 在选项菜单里面增加了Bootmii IOS引导
  • Priiloader在一些场合会自动重新加载SD卡
  • 先引导标题ID是JODI的hbc频道,如果没有发现就引导HAxX
  • 进入不同文件的bug修复
  • 删除依靠ES_DIVerify (注:需要安装在ios36里面,但是Priiloader不再需要)
  • 修复了引导bug
  • 修正DVD休眠的bug(crediar 忘记关闭ios的dvd功能)
  • 修复SDHC兼容问题(兼容性更好)
  • 修复了导致在引导期间,关机引起的冲突。
  • 修复了自动引导的临时错误
  • 增加了自己的安装程序,但是还有一些bug


Version 0.4 (rev94)
Coding error (again) xD

Version 0.4 (rev93)
Install: Code cleaning yet!

Version 0.4 (rev92)
Coding error xD

Version 0.4 (rev91)
Install: Code cleanup! (Finally: D) Stoppage of the DVD when the autoboot on. Fraud.

Version 0.4 (rev90)
Installer:-Support for updates
-Adding more colors
Priiloader:-Added the update online.
-Force the use of NAND hacks.ini when starting the system menu.

Version 0.4 (rev89)
-Adding a backdoor, which can not be changed. To change the temporary password "backdoor" press "1" at the password screen, then 4 times to "2" on the remote or "Y" and four times on "X" on GC / Classic.
Move-in VideoInit password.cpp, the green bar at startup should be gone.

Version 0.4 (rev88)
- Attempt to fix the problem 83 (???? displayed instead of the title) of the problem & 80 (green bar when loading the system menu) + code cleanup.

Version 0.4 (rev85)
- Minor code cleaning.

Version 0.4 (REV84)
- Fixed loading titles. Now we show many more unknown titles.
- More titles that are deleted or moved to SD (but added detection if it's on the DS in case they are needed).

Version 0.4 (rev83)
- Fixed a crash when loading a string.
- Patch "hacky" for confusion priiloader / es that crash when loading a title and invalid (deleted or moved to SD). I'm seriously say how the menu system detects it and starts a title in the SD: - /

Version 0.4 (rev82)
Priiloader: Moved tdg getting / reading code so it bit Would not complain about
we dont care about titles

Version 0.4 (rev81)
Priiloader: fixed usb init When starting detection system menu "should fix this
After 75 (and possible end 69 IF That Was my fault). this makes me want to do
na's huge foreign exchange to libogc usbstorage goal ok ...

Install: clean up and making the error report ES_Identify Better

Version 0.4 (rev80)
branches / OpenDolBoot: Made some text in debug builds APPEAR INSTEAD of Both
have debug release

branches / Settings_Editor: updated to 0.2. was fixed after making the retarded
settings editor working only halfly. Also made it work it all Even computers
Those Who dont have the Visual Studio C + + package installed

Priiloader: fixed That outcome could "lock the wii i show gecko output Was On and
you pressed reset to system boot menu. ALSO, IS 0.4 Since we are released and
Making new revs it'll say 0.4c to make ITS Clear That its a svn build

Version 0.4 (rev79)
resolved after loading of titles with the latest libogc. When using libogc 1.8.3
IS nothing special needed to compile. When using howeve <1.8.3 up the es.c from Into the source directory in the include & es.h
directory and define PATCHED_ES in global.h. WHICH do both: P

Version 0.4 (rev78)
Priiloader: Fixed memory release. Now everything is done by free_pointer.
- Added a Global.cpp & h. Consider that this is the heart-of-shared priiloader.
- Also added warning when changing the password settings.

between 74 and 77 revisions
- Fixed code dump when loading the system menu when hacks were activated (null pointer).
- Adding text LoadListTitles --- --- Less & More ---- --- to indicate clearly that there are other titles at the top or bottom.

Revision 73
- Some fixes the display of titles. Everything should be fine now.

Revision 72
- Launch of securities: Fixed display of titles.
- Cast: Adding a color change on the fly. "

Revision 71
- Fixed a stupid bug in the loading menu titles.

Revision 70
- Attempt to launch titles VC / WiiWare title. ES requires a patch (because libogc is bad), so the patch is included in the es.c / h.
If you already have a patched libogc, comment out line 24 in the main.ccp (the define PATCHED_ES). The code will be cleaned later.
- No autoboot to chain too. Take a forwarder.

Revision 69
Settings Editor:
- Updated to support the current configuration file.
- Added support for the classic controller.
- Added support for the GameCube controller.

Revision 68
- Remove the password file in an update, and when uninstalling the priiloader. This blocks the possible errors with the file password between different revisions of Priiloader.
- Added a check for the magic word requested that forces the system to start menu.
- Various other code cleanup and correction of typo.
- Added a comment line for the rapid change of the type magicword you want to use, "Geto" or "Pune".
- Also change the type of restart to be correct: state 3 instead of 0 (cold restart).

Revision 67
- Fixed Makefile and typo.

Revision 64-66
- Fixed compiling for Linux, Version C OpenDolBoot.
- Using the same pa OpenDolBoot Makefile under Linux or Windows.
- Slight change in management settings in the OpenDolBoot.

Revision 63
- Improved Opendolboot. The code will launch nboot internal external files.

Revision 62
- Added OpenDolBoot: it is the equivalent of DolBoot except it is open source and it can change the entrypoint as before.
- The priiloader is lighter thanks to new entrypoint.
- Former Forwaders the preloader re-run now.
- Add everything needed to debug the gecko.
- Now, the News Graphics are no longer private main.cpp (you can see them without the password if I understand ..).
- Change the USB cradle, which should bear the Hard Drives.
- Moving the loading of the ticket ES_Identify since we need it.

Revision 61
- Cleaning the code password.
- The usbstorage returned to the old version because the new causes of bugs.
- Fixed a bug in the list of IOS parameters.
- Vorrection a bug related to Gecko.


updated opendolboot to have the nboot code internally and use external file it you want (what it really should be like lol ) also, i forgot to commit a build exe to the priiloader folder, i so excited i forgot to commit it :P

added OpenDolBoot in branches. this is like dolboot but open source and can edit the entrypoint so youre not stuck to 81000000 like we were before. this means... Priiloader : lowered with entrypoint with 2MB. this causes us to have more memory. this also causes old forwarders from preloader to work (we tested some). also added the stuff needed for gecko debugging. also made the graphics info not private to main.cpp so error & password can use it instead of passing it trough functions (or make it again...) changed the usb cache value that should support more hard drives. next would be to support drives that startup slowly. moved the ticket loading to the ES_Identify part since its only needed there.


oopsy. fixed iosStubDetection (this is 0.3b)
Priiloader : Fixed HBS Stub loading. should work 100% now with both JODI as Haxx. IOS Stub detection should work 100% now too. made priiloader load system menu on boot by default. fix PAL60/NTSC/480p video issue with text. fixed a crash if SD/USB is removed before pressing 1 to load/install the binary. Added the Reset booting system menu if no wiimote is synced. bootstate 255 (with flag 130, usually shutdown from GC game) gets handled by system menu now. Installer : video fix here too + some variable & memory changes

* Fixed bug with USBGecko
* Merged the old black theme with the new white one (thanks BlackPearl & Bad Uncle! ). they are changable in the settings
* Fix some elf loading
* Added a check on boot so some apps can reboot/launch system menu and force priiloader to show up (see
* Fixed random (with very low % to actually happen)crash when loading dol/elf caused by wiimote
* Re-added USB support. USB is used if SD is not found
* Added Sanity checks when installing priiloader
* Fixed Bootstate bug which made the health check pop up when resetting wii(or returning to wii settings)
* Stopped priiloader from reloading ios if the chosen IOS = the already loaded IOS (in most cases System menu IOS)
* Added Stub IOS Detections when loading bootmii ios or IOS for System Menu. Only IOS 21 seems to be detected as stub...

- Fixed a memory problem (R12)
- Remove the USB support and other minor corrections (R13)
- Fixed a problem with the TV in 576i (R14/15)

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