iphone和PC高速傳輸的軟體 iFunBox-v1.96.938.649(繁體中文綠色免安裝版)

iphone和PC高速傳輸的軟體 iFunBox-v1.96.938.649(繁體中文綠色免安裝版)


這個程式不用 JB 就能使用, 所以因為個人喜好而沒 JB 的 iPhone 也不用煩惱了.
它的傳檔速度, 比起 winscp 那真是雲泥之別. iFunBox 可以衝到快 5MB/s.
iFunBox 是綠色軟體, 不用安裝, 一個不到 3MB  的單獨執行檔就能用.
iFunBox 起動速度極快!! 雖然 91手機拍檔也是很好用的傳輸軟體, 但是起動速度差太多.
常用的功能 iFunBox 都有內建了, 尤其是壁紙和鈴聲-- 再也不怕自己的鈴聲壁紙被 iTunes 同步時 "和諧" 掉了.
它支援 unicode 檔名, 所以也不用怕中文日文檔名, 一傳進手機變成亂碼.
它自動設定目錄/檔案權限, 不用傳上去後權限錯誤要重設.
而且, 擁有上面這麼多優點, 它竟然還是個免費軟體.

iFunBox, iPhone File Manager
Total Control of iPhone/iPad File System
Manage files on your iPhone or iPad in a way just like Windows File Explorer but more robust and friendly. Easily transmit files and folders to your computer with the optimized file transfer and browsing. iOS 4.0 is now fully supported.
iFunBox, iTunes Music Video Downloader
One-stop App Install and Backup
Safe App Install on iPhone/iPad with .ipa packages. No Jailbreak required for installing purchased apps. Support install unofficial/unsigned .ipa based on AppSync without installous. Backup install apps back to .ipa packages for sharing and reinstallation. Uninstall install apps in batch easily.
iFunBox, USB Portable Disk on iPhone
Hi-Speed General Purpose Storage
Use your iPhone as an USB Portable Disk for general files. Exploit the large flash memory on iPhone or iPad with transmission speed beyond 5MB/s on iPhone and 15MB/s on iPad.
iFunBox, iTunes Music Video Downloader
Export Music and Movie on iPhone/iPod
Export Apple iTunes© managed audio and video in iPhone, iPad or iPods to PC as a backup copy or burn to CD. Scan and populate music and movie files in iPhone and iPod even when iTunes is refused to connect.

iphone 和 PC 高速傳輸的軟體 -- iFunBox V1.9.829.623 (繁體中文綠色免安裝版)

zip[1].gifiFunBox v1.96.938.649


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